King Harshavardhana of Vardhana dynasty

The elegant sight of white flowers presented a beautiful contrast to the cacophony of colours adorned all around the palace walls. The colours held luxurious textures of all kinds: muslin, linen, cotton, and abundant kinds of silk. The air bore the sweet aroma of...

Indo-Roman trade relations

Tigers, elephants, rhinoceros, serpents and many more exotic species were now in their land. People watched in awe as these animals gradually made their home in Rome. How did those animals get there? The answer is simple- trade.   The history of this trade is...

Badakhshan’s Treasure Trove: What is Lapis Lazuli ?

A piece of heaven on Earth, a stone with such hypnotic beauty that it has left everyone an admirer and yearning for more, Lapis Lazuli is perhaps a stone so popular that it has been recorded through most of human history. Dating back to antiquity, Lapis Lazuli, more...

S.M. Sultan – A Divergent Outlooker

SM Sultan is one of the most legendary and one-of-a-kind figures of Bangladesh. SM Sultan, born as Sheikh Mohammed Sultan, was an exceptional artist, having had his artwork exhibited with world-renowned names like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Henri Matisse, John...

Alexander The Great – The Undefeated Phenomenon

Alexander the Great was the creator of the world’s grandest empire. With incredible military achievements and diplomacy, he built a legacy others could only dream of achieving. Alexander was the king of Macedonia, an ancient kingdom of Greece, and a part of the Argead...
A Seasonal Mela

A Seasonal Mela

A ‘Mela’ in Dhaka (1960) captured by extraordinaire photographer and scientist late Dr. Nowajesh Ahmed. A mela is a wonderful melting pot for all types of people, their culture, and tradition. Its characteristics and objectives are identical regardless of whether it...

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The 15 Top Cities for Solitary Women

Where have all the good males eliminated? This will be a question females being requesting hundreds of decades (specifically Bonnie Tyler). So we looked-for all of them! We investigated population information of major U.S. urban centers, like the total numbers, the...

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Stories and Sayings

Beautiful Bangladesh


World History

Anarkali – Mystery or myth

The tragic story of Anarkali and Mughal Emperor Jahangir (Salim), as depicted in the famous 1960 film ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, has always been one of passionate romance and mystery. According to the legend and movie, Prince Salim was head over heels for the beautiful Mughal...

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The forgotten Mughal prince

The forgotten Mughal prince

Primogeniture is the right of succession belonging to the firstborn child, especially the feudal rule by which the whole real estate of an intestate passed to the eldest son. Alas, this was not the norm and culture of the Mughal Empire. Had it been so, the...

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