A ‘Mela’ in Dhaka (1960) captured by extraordinaire photographer and scientist late Dr. Nowajesh Ahmed. A mela is a wonderful melting pot for all types of people, their culture, and tradition. Its characteristics and objectives are identical regardless of whether it is an Eid-Mela, Puja-Mela, or Boishakhi-Mela. A mela binds people from all walks of life together.
Remember those popular items we used to buy from the mela such as earthen violin, mouth-organs made of bamboo, masks made of thick paper, and a colorful sweet called ‘Muralee?’ A mela visit was always incomplete without a ride on ‘Chorkee,’ better known Nagordola, and buying a round-shape earthen saving bank. The bank had a tiny hole on the top of it for us to insert coins. After a few months, we used to crack the bank to get our savings out. It was too enjoyable and fun during those days! Have you really gone back to your past? Wake up!