A fine day in front of the Architecture building at BUET was captured in the early 1980s. This architectural icon designed by Prof. Richard Vrooman (first Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning) symbolises the blending of our climatic characteristics and cultural milieu. BUET has other buildings with interesting architectural features. However, it is not only the buildings that have made BUET a great institution. Its journey started in 1876 as Dacca Survey School located in Old Dhaka and was renamed to Ahsanullah School of Engineering in 1912. It was upgraded to Ahsanullah Engineering College in 1947, and finally became a university in June 1962. This institute was always supported by Nawab Ahsanullah and later by his son Nawab Salimullah at its early development stages.

Unfortunately, I am not a BUET graduate, but fortunate enough to work very closely with numerous BUET graduates later as a classmate sharing classroom desks at an overseas university, a teacher, a colleague, a thesis supervisor, a mentor and a research collaborator. What is remarkable of these graduates that they have a never-say-die attitude towards their profession, and are well trained to tackle new engineering challenges. BUET has developed a very good reputation all over the world for consistency, uniformity as well as the quality of its graduates. It has been ranked 175th among the Asian universities in the 2019 QS World University Ranking. This ranking is not bad considering the poor research funding it receives compared to other similar universities in the world. Most importantly, BUET has been serving the nation relentlessly and faithfully by producing quality engineers. We do have plenty of reasons to be proud of this university.

Courtesy: The Daily Star (01-10-2018)
Photo source: Flickr.