While working out in the gym the other day I posed a question ‘if I should carry on my strength training workout with heavy weight during my period.’   Now the fact that I queried this to my male trainer raised quite a few eyebrows. I figure out every time how talking about period is a sin and a complete ‘no no’ in our society.  I flashbacked one incident during the late 90s when I only hit puberty. I went to stayover at my grandmother’s place during Ramadan. To my utter surprise I saw my aunty having sehri and praying Fajr in front of her brothers. When asking she confronted that ‘the men’ in the house must not get the slightest hint that she is on her period as its extremely shameful for a woman to bleed.

Menstruation is one of the most organic process in the world. Yet for some reason, women are frequently made to feel ashamed because they bleed, and according to some research this shaming often comes from those closest to them.

Things are even worse at work, where more than half of women believe it is inappropriate to openly mention about their menstrual cycles in the workplace.

The shaming that occurs regarding open conversations about women’s bodies is so ingrained that one in three admit that they have felt irked by simply using the word ‘period’.

The taboo culture surrounding menstruation must be changed, and it takes both men and women to make that happen. It starts with open, honest conversations, and continues with education that empowers women to feel comfortable with their bodies and flows. People with period deserve more information regarding self-hygiene and awareness which is why it is important to smash taboos, remove shame, and create self-awareness.

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